A Pack Leader's Tail

Joe Hague, Founder

Joe founded The Grateful Dog as a dog walking service in 1998.
In 2000 he began to attend the AIAS (American Institute of Animal Sciences) and received his training and behavioral certification in 2002. In addition, Joe has attended dogTEC's on-going educational programs for dog walkers and trainers. Since that time, Joe has continued his dog walking and expanded his services to include private basic obedience training and behavior modification sessions. In early 2010, Joe joined the SmartyPup! team where he also does group puppy training classes and puppy socials. Joe enjoys watching people connect with their dogs through positive reinforcement training. 

Joe participated on a federal commission representing professional dog walkers supporting the continued use of off-leash activities on GGNRA lands. Joe is active in ProDog, a professional dog walking association in San Francisco that has worked with the animal welfare commission to establish guidelines for professional dog walkers, and shared use of city parks.

Joe was born and raised on New York's Long Island, and moved to San Francisco, by way of Milwaukee and Chicago, in 1995. He spent 20 years in retail operations management before starting his own business working with people and their dogs. Joe's other loves are music—check out The Blue Swamis— motorcycles and photography.

What All The Wags Are About


Joe has been walking our dog for the past 5 years. Joe is the best! He truly likes dogs and people. Our dog can't wait for Joe's truck to pull up every morning. She sits by the front door with paws folded and comes home tired and happy. Joe has worked with us over the years on training issues as well and he has been a huge help. He is patient (with dog and owner!) and easygoing about the training, but very clear and direct in getting us to successful solutions to dog behavior issues. I feel like Joe is part of the family and our dog does too!

— By Donna S.

Responsible - 5 Stars
Expert with Dogs - 5 Stars
Peace of Mind with your Pooch - 5 Stars
Flexible with Scheduling - 5 Stars
Good Guy - 5.5 Stars

Joe has been a life saver for me and my dog, Rocky. I have an SPCA pooch who came with a "few" behavioral issues. Joe has been instrumental in not only helping me train him to interact with other dogs, but also giving me total confidence in a professional that I know my boy will always be safe with. Seriously, don't hesitate. Joe is the best!

— By Chris K.

The Grateful Dog